Three main reasons why concrete should be on your radar

 One of the most unique features of concrete is its ability to be formed into complex shapes and multi-axis curves.


Hero shot of exterior concrete wall panels on a modern house.

Blend Concrete Design


Although there may be no ‘perfect’ material out there, concrete is sure hard to beat. From commercial to residential spaces, concrete offers beautiful aesthetics along with functional practicality. The team at Blend Concrete Design is passionate about the unique features concrete offers, and know that you will be too.


concrete wall panels within a modern living room

Blend Concrete Design


There is a long list of benefits of using concrete in interior and exterior spaces. Here are three main reasons why concrete should be on your radar:

  1. Endless design possibilities
  2. Versatility; and
  3. Long-term durability


There are numerous ways to enhance residential and commercial spaces with concrete pieces. From pieces that blend cohesively with any existing design, to unique feature pieces, the possibilities are endless.


Blends dining concrete table (Tuscan)

Tuscan Dining Table, Blend Concrete Design


What does this mean for Blend Concrete Design’s industry and residential clients? The creative freedom to explore stunning design possibilities, tailored to their needs and creative vision.


Unique Aesthetic

One of the most unique features of concrete is its ability to be formed into complex shapes and multi-axis curves. Concrete can be poured to create unique forms, shapes and finishes. Blend’s casting methods open the door to the creation of truly custom pieces to complement any space.


 Commercial concrete benchtop with logo embossing

Blend Concrete Design


The natural and raw texture and tonal qualities of concrete form part of its unique aesthetic. Features such as air pockets, slight colour variation and natural patina enhance the character  and distinctive beauty of concrete pieces.



Colour, arguably one of the most important components of any design, is one of the areas in which the unique features of concrete allow for styling options different from any other material.


Blend Concrete Design uses coloured oxides to create a broad spectrum of colours and hues. This allows for countless options to complement colour schemes and to colour match pieces to existing furniture and design.


Blend Concrete Design concrete basin


Eclipse Basin, Blend Concrete Design 


Unique Texture

A range of surface finishes and textures are available, including:

  • Matte concrete finish
  • Polished concrete finish
  • Exposed terrazzo finish
  • Custom detailing
    • visual texture (colour variation)
    • ferrules
    • letter/ logo embossing
    • brushed finish

Concrete dining table in terrazzo

                        Blend Concrete Design                                                                           Blend Concrete Design


Blend Concrete Design also specialises in terrazzo designs. By combining high quality GFRC concrete with a stunning range of decorative aggregate, a mosaic-like appearance can be achieved. A terrazzo piece can have either a polished or matte finish.



Next on the list is the versatility of concrete. Technological developments have enabled stronger, lighter and more versatile concrete mixes for use in interior and exterior spaces.


Blend Concrete Design uses glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC). By adding glass fibres into the concrete mix, the strength of the concrete is increased which eliminates the need for steel reinforcement. This increased strength allows us to pour GFRC far thinner than traditional concrete making pieces lighter and easier to transport.


Concrete outdoor stairs

Blend Concrete Design


Blend Concrete Design handcrafts custom furniture pieces with GFRC, such as:

  • Tables (indoor and outdoor)
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Kitchen benchtops
  • BBQ benchtops
  • Seating
  • Stairs (internal and external)
  • Benchtops for hospitality (bar and cafe)
  • Benchtops for retail stores
  • Commercial point of sale
  • Arches
  • Basins
  • Teppanyaki tables
  • Fireplace plinths
  • Wall panels (internal and external)

Blend Concrete Design also has a collection of concrete furniture available for purchase on its website here.

Commercial and Residential

Concrete’s versatility in style, design and surface finish makes it a great material for residential and commercial spaces.

From high-end retail, hospitality, health and wellness facilities to office fitouts, Blend Concrete Design has got you covered. We enjoy collaborating with industry partners and residential clients.


Exterior Spaces

Blend’s concrete pieces are bound to be a feature in any outdoor space. Decorative wall panels, stair treads and seating are perfect ways of adding a splash of concrete.


Concrete BBQ with seating on the left and concrete curved modular seating on the right

                             Blend Concrete Design                                                                           Blend Concrete Design


Blend Concrete Design specialises in creating functional and aesthetic outdoor entertainment spaces, with anything from integrated BBQ countertops to seating and tables.


Concrete benchtop with integrated table and BBQ

      Blend Concrete Design                                                            

Interior Spaces

Kitchen benchtops, dining tables, seating, basins and vanities are some of the ways you can infuse your design with concrete pieces.


Stunning concrete island on the left

  Blend Concrete Design    


Blend Concrete Design offers a stunning range of handcrafted concrete pieces available for purchase on its online shop.



Blend’s custom creations and online collection are handcrafted by our concrete artisans. Each piece is poured, cured and sealed individually to ensure exceptional quality and attention to detail.



The key to long-term durability of concrete pieces is in part due to the high-quality sealant used at Blend Concrete Design.


Close up of concrete basin with rose gold fixtures

  Blend Concrete Design    


The sealant allows all concrete pieces to withstand natural elements due to its non-combustible and erosion-resistant qualities. You can rest easy knowing that Blend Concrete design offers a sealant ideal for outdoor and indoor applications.


Outdoor furniture can be high pressure hosed to get rid of the leaves and bird droppings that tend to be around these spaces.


Ease of maintenance and care

The combination of Blend’s high-quality sealants and the natural qualities of concrete mean your pieces need minimal care and maintenance. Blend’s Care and Maintenance guide provides all the information you need to best care for your concrete piece.


Blend Concrete Design excels in skillfully crafting concrete pieces for residential and commercial spaces. With its unparalleled design, strength, resilience, versatility and durability, concrete caters to numerous aesthetics and functional needs.


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